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Jared 17 days ago

Boom-Boom Shrimp

This was amazing! We could have ate a few orders of this. This is a must try we you go

Felicia 17 days ago


We started with the boom boom shrimp and ceviche, both were nicely plated and tasted amazing. My husband had the Raclette with ribeye. The meat was perfectly cooked. I had the ramen and loved it as well. Also, who ever designed the restaurant, thought of all of the details which created a beautiful space for us to enjoy the great meal!

Kat.Damon 20 days ago


Caprese salad with and without pan seared Salmon Fresh heirloom tomatoes cradled between slices of decadent Mozerella with a balsamic glaze are the perfect compliment to the hot summer evenings of the desert. To add some protein the pan seared Salmon adds the perfect complimentary flavor to this salad. Beet Salad Fresh red and gold beats are sliced to perfection with a delicious herb goat cheese accompanying them to provide a decadent flavor that is actually good for you!

Teresa 27 days ago

Peruvian Ceviche

Absolutely the best ceviche Iv had! Highly recommend! Service great- atmosphere fun, relaxing enjoyable! A must try !!!

Dchin about 2 months ago

Rosemary Lamb Chops

My family and I dined 3 times here in a span of two days, during the first week it opened! You got it- we were really impressed with the food and service, style and ambiance of the place. We ordered pizza, lamb chops, and other items and everything was delicious. The 'bomba' dessert to die for. You won't be disappointed.

Kwilli1019 about 2 months ago

Scampi Borracho

This dish was beautifully prepared and plated. Loved every bite. Shared the Beet Salad 😋 So good. Patio dining very pleasant, service fabulous. I love this place! Thanks for coming to El Paseo and giving everyone else a run for their money‼️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Angnasca about 2 months ago

Boom-Boom Shrimp

Kitchen 86 was the best find! I heard about it through friends and it did not disappoint! Not only was the food AMAZING... the staff exceeded expectations with the most friendly, warm and excellent customer service! As a local, this will be a place that I will definitely frequent!

Katia about 2 months ago


Awesome pizza, we added some of their homemade sausage to this pizza and wow did it deliver!!

Christinebee about 2 months ago

Sinigang Salmon

Was to die for. Flavor was amazing, they pan fry it first to get this amazing flavor then place in the oven for the remainder of the time. It was moist and melts in your mouth! Hands down one of the best dishes I've had in a while. Must have!!!

Cheri 2 months ago

Short Ribs & Polenta

We loved, loved loved Kitchen 86. From the moment we walked in until we left the experience was magical. My husband had taken his son for a late nosh during the tennis tournaments They came hand they came home raving about the calamari and white pizza. They went back again when my brother in law flew in from back east to surprise us. All 3 came home talking about the good, drink and service. His son came back into town May 1st and with another friend we went back. My first visit. The Calamari, the bruschetta with burata and prosciutto and the pizza bianco are to die for, I even brought home a pizza!! Service was fabulous our waitress Brianna was amazingly efficient and knowledgeable. We never had to ask for anything as she was there before we could turn around. We WILL be back.

Bigjule2000 2 months ago

Peruvian Ceviche

A tasty bite and was fun to share. The display was so nice I thought it was a cocktail at first.

Krystinedaryaie 2 months ago

Jefferson's Mac & Cheese

The Mac and Cheese was delicious! Portions were just right and the cheese was even a little crispy on the side (but not burned). Rachel was our waitress and she was on top of everything with a big smile on her face. We had a great time!

Fjmccaughey 2 months ago

Agu Ramen


Tricia.Witkower 2 months ago

Rosemary Lamb Chops

My sister ordered these for us to share and they became my favorite dish of the night. The lamb is so juicy, flavorful, tender, and delicious. The mashed potatoes complement the lamb perfectly. Perfect portion for either a light dinner or an app to share. Highly recommend!

Judyrif 3 months ago


Big enough for two! Very light and delicious with many wonderful seasonings...

Kristenlee5478 4 months ago

Rosemary Lamb Chops

The mashed potatoes were to die for!

Melissa 4 months ago

Boom-Boom Shrimp

The Boom Boom Shrimp was really delicious. My husband and I shared a few different dishes and I was bummed when the last shrimp disappeared. Will have to order my own next time!

Davidbo612 17 days ago

Boom-Boom Shrimp

What a great find this happy hour was! It has all 3 required ingredients. Knowledgeable and happy bartender/mixologist, great food, and reasonable prices. We had the meatballs, pizza, and boom boom shrimp, in that order. Each was incredible and we couldn't believe the shrimp. Don't know the recipe but I have to have it. It didn't hurt that the patrons were nice as well. Can't wait to go back.

Seanm760 19 days ago


El Paseo lucked out when this buzzy modern restaurant hit the strip, bringing an eclectic drink list and tasty dishes of all kinds to Palm Desert. The inside is clean and vibrant the service is good and you are created with smiles. Some of my favorite dishes are the boom boom shrimp and the aztec salad with salmon. There is no better place to see and be seen on El Paseo. Cheers!

Abrogdon 25 days ago

Rosemary Lamb Chops

Excellent choice!

Peterle132003 about 1 month ago


We absolutely loved this unique dish! A sweet savory surprise! The service is excellent and the energy is vibrant! What a great new gem on El Paseo!

Janiceflocken about 2 months ago

Boom-Boom Shrimp

Delicious and flavorful take on shrimp appetizer. Everyone at our table loved it, shrimp was cooked perfectly, not chewy at all. Will definitely order again. Overall a great evening, everyone in our party was very happy.

Nancy about 2 months ago

Boom-Boom Shrimp

We have already been here 5 times...Each time,, and with each person we bring, we have the boom boom shrimp. They are awesome! Just enough spice and so tasty!

Cndcrc about 2 months ago

Penne Con Sarge

Fabulous dish you taste every ingredient, chef knows how to make sauces. Tastebud explosion only way to describe it ;)

Moogenheimer about 2 months ago

Boom-Boom Shrimp

Such a great dish.... The shrimp were cut in a way that let the sauce reach every nook&cranny! A little heat at the end was tempered by the side salad.

Simon 2 months ago

Boom-Boom Shrimp

FIRE! :) Order it and Order it again!

Cfpariano 2 months ago

Lucci's Meatballs

Four of us stopped in to Kitchen 86 after going to the McCallam Theatre around 10:15PM Saturday 5/11 and found the bar full, people having a great night and we wanted to be part of it. We sat down ordered pasta and pizza's and two rounds of drinks and really enjoyed a "Little Late Night " VIBE in Palm Desert. We'll be back again sure, and Olivia the hostess and Rose our waitress were the BEST. Thanks for a really fun night.

Blakedaryaie 2 months ago

Kitchen-86 Burger

An amazing Burger! They are my go to food at a restaurant and this was one of the top Burgers in the desert. Great music, and atmosphere. Service was on point (Great job Rachel!) friendly, fast and knowledgeable.

Fjmccaughey 2 months ago

Boom-Boom Shrimp

Perfectly spiced and flavorful!

Richpett39 2 months ago

Boom-Boom Shrimp

This is such a great dish! Right amount of spice, and portions! Loved the atmosphere and service! A new Favorite!

Lambchops4ewe 3 months ago

Rosemary Lamb Chops

Tender and delicious 😋 with my favorite which is mashed potatoes!

Kristenlee5478 4 months ago

Boom-Boom Shrimp

I've never had shrimp this good! So tender, perfectly prepared!

Kristenlee5478 4 months ago

Penne Con Sarge

It's a penne pasta with tarragon cream sauce, cognac, sun dried tomatoes, and with or without chicken.